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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions commonly asked by our customers

What does billet mean?

Billet means the product is made from solid metal and machined to the actual size of the part, not cast into a shape. Castings are porous, corrode quicker and are not as strong as billet.

Why use urethane in your motor mounts?

The urethane formula used at Rhaas Products was specifically designed to with stand the harsh environment in a watercraft hull. Urethane is resistant to saltwater, oils, gasoline, acids as well as any other chemical the engine compartment may encounter.

What makes Rhaas Products motor mounts better than stock motor mounts?

All parts of our motor mounts are molded together. The urethane is locked into the base and to the threaded insert as well. The pieces are molded together and do not rely on glue to hold them together.

Do you make motor mounts in other colors?

No, all our urethane is dyed our signature color from our supplier.

Do your motor mounts vibrate like urethane motor mounts in performance cars?

You may feel a slight amount of vibration in the motor mounts when you first install them, but once they break in they feel as good or better than a stock mount.

Will I need any adjustments when I replace my motor mounts?

Our motor mounts are designed to fit exactly the same as a stock motor mount. Although every time you replace motor mounts you should check your alignment.

Do you have a warranty?

Yes, Rhaas motor mounts are all covered by our 3 year replacement warranty. If they break we will replace them. No questions asked.
We offer a limited 1 year warranty for commercial applications.

How soon will my order arrive?

If the product is in stock, we generally ship it out within 48 hours. We ship using priority mail, which can reach anywhere in the USA in 2-3 days. If you need it sooner we can arrange for next day shipping as well for an additional cost.

How easy are your conversion kits to install?

Our kits come with complete instructions and a precise fit. They have been thought through fully and we supply everything to make the conversion, down to every nut, bolt and washer.

What is a carb rack?

A carb rack simply means that all your carbs are mounted on a common plate to make removing the carbs and making changes as simple as possible. You can remove your carbs and change jets simply in a few minutes.

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